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Pastor Cody Sturgill

Cody Sturgill was born and raised in Chilhowie, VA. He was called to preach as a teenager under the ministry of Pastor Chuck Herrell at Chilhowie Baptist Church. After graduating high school, the Lord led him to The Crown College of the Bible in Powell, TN to train for the ministry. During that time, he was able to be involved in summer singing groups and multiple ministries of the Temple Baptist Church.

After graduating from The Crown College, Pastor Cody was asked to lead the Youth Ministry at the Temple Baptist Church in Powell, TN under the leadership of Pastor Clarence Sexton. After serving in the ministry of Pastor Sexton, Pastor Cody was called to Pastor the Boiling Springs Baptist Church in Fletcher, NC. He and his family served at Boiling Springs faithfully for 10 years. In 2018, Pastor Chuck Herrell at Chilhowie Baptist announced he would be retiring and in December of that year, the church voted Pastor Cody in as their new Pastor.

Pastor Cody has a burden to reach people with the gospel and to be a help to Christians worldwide. The Chilhowie Baptist Church has multiple ministries to help and encourage believers and to reach the lost. These ministries include: Keep Thy Heart Daily Podcast and Radio Broadcast, Keep Thy Heart Weekly Video Podcast, Chilhowie Baptist Bible Hour Television Broadcast, and Archived Sermons and Special Music.

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